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Troop 574 meets at the Holy
Covenant United Methodist Church
1901 E. Peters Colony Rd.
Carrollton, Texas 75007


Welcome to the Troop 574 Website

The goal of the Troop 574 Website is to provide a central location for ALL information relating to Troop 574. All forms, event listings and dates, trip info, guidelines, photos and contact information will be posted here and updated as regularly as is humanly possible. We ask that you please bookmark this main page and check back often. Updates & notices will be posted here as soon as we get them.

Upcoming Events

6/15-6/21 - Summer Camp (Camp Constantin)

7/20-7/27 - Destination Adventure

National Youth Leadership Training (formerly Golden Acorn)

BSA Museum Merit Badge Program

Email Communications Archive (protected)

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Merit Badge Counselor Listing (protected)


04/23/14 (RV)

04/23/2014  (RM)

04/21/2014  (RM)

04/14/2014  (RM)

04/02/2014  (RM)

03/26/2014  (RM)

03/10/2014  (RM)

02/28/2014  (RM)

02/22/2014  (RM)

  • Added Horsemanship Campout details & forms

  • Fertilizer delivery to be rescheduled once we receive delivery

02/21/2014  (RM)

  • Updated calendar and important dates

02/19/2014  (RM)

02/18/2014  (RM)

  • Troop Leadership Training rescheduled from 3/8 to 3/17 at 6:30-9:30pm.

02/17/2014  (RM)

  • March 10th Troop meeting is canceled due to Spring Break.

02/15/2014  (RM)

  • Updated committee meeting dates for calendar

02/06/2014  (RM)

01/30/2014  (RM)

01/22/2014  (RM)

  • Updated Important Dates (+March)

  • Added "Upcoming Events"

01/12/2014  (RM)

01/10/2014  (RV)

01/10/2014  (RM)

  • January Group Dynamix cancelled

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For Information on how to join Troop 574, Contact the Membership Chair on the "Contact Us" page.

Troop 574 Vision Statement
Troop 574 Goals

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7th - Troop Meeting (Troop Court of Honor)

14th - Troop Meeting

21st - Troop Leadership Meeting

25-27 - Canoeing Campout

28th - Troop Meeting

29th -Troop Committee Meeting




3rd - Isaac Mendez Eagle Service Project

3rd - Archery Tournament

5th - Troop Meeting

10th - Isaac Mendez Eagle Service Project

12th - Troop Meeting

16-18 - New Scout Campout

19th - Troop Leadership Counsel

20th -  Troop Committee Meeting

26th - Troop Meeting.

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