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In an attempt to reduce some of the problems Troop 574 has experienced in connection with past campouts, the troop leadership has decided to implement some new procedures. These new steps are an attempt to reduce the uncertainties and chaos that frequently occur the week of a campout. Hopefully, incorporating these steps will ensure that two weeks prior to the campout, we will know that sufficient transportation is available to get the scouts to the event and ensure that funds are in place to cover all expenses for the outing.

The timeline that we plan to incorporate is as follows:

As details of the campout become known, they will be posted on the Troop 574 Website. Use this resource in your planning to determine whether you wish to attend the event.

Three weeks prior to the campout, a flyer will be distributed to the scouts at the Monday night troop meeting to be sent home. This letter will inform the scout and their parents about the upcoming campout. This flyer will need to be signed by the scout and the parent to indicate their desire to attend the event and returned to the Patrol Leader at the next troop meeting. The flyer will also be posted to the Website and may be completed and emailed to the Programs Chairperson or the adult leading the campout.

Two weeks prior to the campout, the scouts wishing to attend the camp out will return the flyer and make a commitment to attend the event. At this Monday night meeting, the patrols will plan their menus and duty rosters for the upcoming campout. This is why it is important for scouts to commit at this time to the activity. Once this commitment is made, the scout and their parents/family members who will be attending are making a financial commitment to pay for any camping fees, registration fees, and money spent to buy food for the campout. Once these expenses have been incurred following this meeting, the scout has pledged to pay this fee. The scout may change his mind at any time about attending the event and not attend, but he is still obligated to pay any fees incurred. The scout needs to notify his Patrol Leader if he decides that he can not attend the event. Parents who plan to attend and then determine they cannot attend, need to contact the adult in charge of planning the campout. The troop has members who will buy food for all those attending the campout. There will be no need to bring your own food.

One week prior to the campout, the final agenda will be discussed at the troop meeting and any questions answered. Any scout who decides to attend the campout at this time will only be allowed to attend if another scout who previously committed has canceled. In essence he will be replacing a prior reservation that has been cancelled.

Hopefully these new steps will lead to a seamless planning session for those adult volunteers in charge of the campout. They will know who will be attending and that financial commitments will be covered. This will hopefully prevent this volunteer from having to shoulder the majority of the cost out of pocket. It will also assist with planning transportation and trailer towing and should prevent last minute uncertainties from occurring.


Committee Chair

Example of how the schedule works:

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat
  Three weeks prior          
  Two weeks prior          
  One week prior       Campout Campout


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