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Troop 574 meets at the Holy
Covenant United Methodist Church
1901 E. Peters Colony Rd.
Carrollton, Texas 75007



Our unit is due to recharter for another exciting year ahead.  Please take the time now to register your son and yourself for this exciting year of Scouting.

The following items are available on the troop website.  Family-specific packets are available for you to pickup at troop meetings that contain some additional information from last year.  All forms must be completely filled out and returned with the appropriate fees and SIGNATURES to be registered. This information is due to the Troop by Monday, December 4th, 2017.

  • Recharter Fee and Check-list form 

  • Troop 574 Code of Conduct  (for you to read)

  • *Code of Conduct signature page.  All Scouts and parents must sign for the rechartering year.

  • *Youth in Media Consent Form.  Parents must sign this for the rechartering year. 

  • *Adult Application -  If you transport non-family Scouts to any event, if you would like to be a voting member of the Troop Committee or if you would like to serve as an Adult Leader and you are not already a Registered Adult, please complete the adult application and include the adult registration fee.  Note: With the Adult Application there is a consent form for a background check that is required for ALL adult registrations (including MB Counselors).  This online e-form allows you to enter your information and SAVE it to disk and print.

    a. Adults already registered with the Troop do not need to fill out another application.  BUT your youth protection MUST be up to date.

    b. Merit Badge Counselors already registered as counselors do not need to fill out another application unless contact information has changed OR you wish to change merit badges.

    c. If you are registering as a New Adult, please include the completed Adult Application with background consent form.

    d. If you are registering as a New Merit Badge Counselor, please complete a separate Adult Application and include with your recharter packet.

    e. All YELLOW highlighted fields on the Adult Application must be completed or Council will reject the form.

    f. Position codes and descriptions (or leave blank if simply regisetering with the troop, no specific position):

    • MC = Committee Member

    • SA = Assistant Scoutmaster**

    • 42 = Merit Badge Counselor


  • Merit Badge Counselor Information Form -  For MB counselors with adult application. 

  • Guide to Youth Protection Training -  For MB Counselors and all registered Adults to complete online training every 2 yrs.  Access for online Youth Protection Training web portal.

  • Health Form for Scout and Adults - Part A & B can be filled out and filed now and Part C which requires a medical signature will be needed before any long-term campout such as Summer or Winter Camp.


(*) These are PDF files that you can fill out on your computer and print or save the file on your computer.

Registration Fees:

Scouts below the rank of Eagle - $80 for first scout and $55 for each additional scout registered in one family.

Eagle Scouts - $35 (just covers Circle Ten Fees)

Adults - $35 per adult.

Please note that signatures on the Code of Conduct and Media Consent forms must be for 2017-2018 (at least dated near end of 2017).

NOTE:  If you have not submitted your paperwork when we submit our updates to Circle Ten for 2018, YOU WILL NO LONGER BE A REGISTERED SCOUT/ADULT with Troop 574 AND YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO FILL OUT a NEW Scout/Adult Application form and take it to Circle Ten Council after getting the required signatures in order to be re-registered with Troop 574.

If you have questions please send an email to .  This information is being put into family packets that you can pick up at a Troop meeting.

Yours in Scouting,
Tina Flatt
Recharter Committee 

Dave Rathbun                            


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